• Built in Liberty County, Ga.

  • Bluffton, SC

  • Bluffton SC and Hilton Head

    Six versions were created from the original design

  • Liberty County, Ga

  • Beauford

    This bath had all the extras including fireplace, setting area and mini kitchen.

Phases of the Design-Construction Process

Space Programming

The Residential Designer meets online or in person with the owner and/or builder to discuss the overall goals of the project. Often, much of the data needed to proceed with a design is collected during the first meeting.  Client should make a list of any known requirement he would like incorporated into the design.   We will need a survey/plat of the property showing setback requirements and easements along with architecture review requirements of the subdivision.

Schematic Design

The Residential Designer will translate the owner’s requirements into a  preliminary floor plan.  The floor plan may get modified several time before we get the final layout and is approved by the client.    After the floor plan is apporoved we will created the exterior elevations for discussion and review.

Construction Documents

This phase of the work will take the bulk of the time during the overall process. This is where the Team is preparing and coordinating all the detailed drawings and other documents necessary for bidding, permitting and construction.

Bidding and Negotiation

At this phase, the Construction Documents are handed off to the owner for the bidding process.    Showcase Designs  can assist in the bidding process by answering questions, issuing addenda and clarifications, and even helping the owner select the right contractor for the job. Often, a contractor is already selected by the time the project is at this point, in which case the Residential Designers role is simplified.

Outsource services

This service has become popular in the last several years.    This service is handled completely online and ranges from cabinet layouts to complete working drawings usually under the direction of a Builder or Architect needing our CAD services.   We have handle jobs that took only two hours (our minimum)   and our longest that tied up one team member for four months (just over 200 hours)  which was the clients schedule.

We work in AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD and Revit.   We are fully 3d capable and create most of our working drawing from a computer model which allows us to check for construction problems before the plan gets to the work site.     We also do plan modification using Revit.