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Excellence and quality service are the hallmarks of Showcase Designs, a Georgia based residential design and outsource CAD company that has been providing exceptional designs and quality service for more that 30 years. Tommy Fordham starting designing homes while still framing in the early 80’s. His specialty for over 20 years was framing high end homes for builders and private individuals who needed help building their home.

Tommy started using AutoCAD in 1985 while still using DOS. He became proficient in computers including programming, graphics, 3D modeling using AutoCAD Architecture (formally AutoCAD Desktop) and Revit. His construction resources and experience allowed him to offer a service not often available in other design firms. We are also a continual resource for our clients, demonstrated by long-term builder relationships we maintain — some for more than 30 years. What makes us stand apart from the rest? — We listen.

Showcase Designs uses state of the art  CAD computer technology.  This elaborate CAD production system helps increase our exceptional response time for our valued clients.

Extensive experience and expertise at solving construction issues before construction is one of our strong assets.

We are sensitive to the business needs and budget parameters of our clients and exercise our creativity and extensive knowledge of materials and methods to achieve a well design home.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best and ever increasing quality of service.   We know it is extremely important to remain at the cutting edge of new technologies, maintain extensive and current knowledge of building codes and state regulations.

At Showcase, nothing is too much trouble for our clients.


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