If you’re in need of a qualified designer, look no further. With over 27 years of designing experience coupled with over a decade of building experience, we have the comprehensive background to exceed your expectations.


For 27 years, Showcase Designs has been providing design services to builders in the southeast. Equally significant is our decade-long experience in framing homes, which offers invaluable insight into practical, cost-effective solutions that work seamlessly in the field, beyond just looking good on paper. Our designs are crafted to save you time and resources by providing detailed information for subcontractors, ultimately minimizing callbacks.

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Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency with our residential estimating service. Each estimate we provide includes a comprehensive material layout sheet, ensuring your framers have precise instructions for every length and location. Our service doesn’t just save you money—it’s an investment that yields exponential returns. With the potential for savings far outweighing any nominal costs. Experience the difference today.

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