Tommy Fordham

Our journey began with Tommy Fordham, who discovered his passion for home design while working as a skilled framer in the early 1980s. For over two decades, he specialized in framing high-end homes, collaborating with builders and individuals to bring their visions to life. In 1985, Tommy embraced the emerging realm of computer-aided design, mastering AutoCAD even in its early DOS days. His technical prowess extended beyond design, encompassing programming, graphics, and 3D modeling with tools like AutoCAD Architecture (formerly AutoCAD Desktop) and Revit. This unique blend of construction expertise and advanced CAD skills set him apart from other design firms, enabling him to offer a level of service rarely found elsewhere.

Tommy Fordham Jr.

Building on this foundation, Tommy Fordham Jr. joined Showcase in 1996, after honing his framing skills for almost a decade. With a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the company, he quickly established a reputation for prompt turnaround on builder's changes. Moreover, his meticulous material estimates were so detailed and accurate that builders would be challenged to find any excess material longer than 2 feet.

Extensive experience and expertise at solving construction issues before construction is one of our strong assets.
We are sensitive to the business needs and budget parameters of our clients and exercise our creativity and extensive knowledge of materials and methods to achieve a well design home.

At Showcase Designs, we combine our deep industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to precision to deliver designs that exceed expectations. Contact us today and experience the difference that decades of expertise can make in bringing your vision to life.